Strip foundations

Foundations of house

House foundations are part of the house under the ground, which hosts the house and exposure time. You can say that it has a thick bottom layer.

Strip foundations – it is a concrete structure, which runs along the entire perimeter of the house. These foundations of construction under all load-bearing walls, maintaining the same basic cross-sectional area. Strip foundation construction technology is relatively simple compared to the screw pile foundations. But this plea requires a lot of work and invests a large material consumption compared to pilar type bases (large amounts of concrete, more templates, mandatory use of the crane). Strip foundation recommended for waterproofing, as well as insulate them. Can also build the foundations of concrete blocks, for example, using “FIBO” blocks.

Strip foundation may be used:

  • For house with concrete, stone, brick walls (with a density greater than 1000 to 1300 kg / cubic meter);
  • For house with severe divisions (monolithic or prefabricated reinforced concrete, metal);
  • Where threatens the basis of lumpy soil compaction layers;
  • If it is planned on the ground floor or basement, as this band basis simultaneously performs two functions – the foundation and walls.

It is very important to choose the right type of foundation for when the house is being planned for construction. It is recommended that you choose a professional who is considering all the factors and offers the most economical option to the soil.

Classification of strip foundation:

Monolithic strip foundations

Monolithic strip foundation construction and installation is time-consuming and complicated process. Although it is no secret that the ribbon properly installed bases, are safe, resistant to aggressive environments, as well as house design provides a solid foundation. To monolithic strip foundations wouldn’t erode and concrete mass should be smooth, they should be installed professionally.

Nevertheless band technology is the basis for the world are popular because these bases are highly resistant to forced large loads. Using this type of foundation, the walls can be constructed from concrete, concrete blocks and bricks. These basics can build only in a stable, durable soil.

As with all types of foundation, and this is the cons – it requires a lot of construction material consumption, a lot of time rebuilding errors is difficult and expensive.

Prefabricated strip foundations

Prefabricated strip foundations consist of rectangular or trapezoidal blocks. Before construction is sift the sand 10 cm thick layer, on which are laid in concrete blocks. Blocks in the construction of the ranks, it takes the load of the building, which is spread over all the blocks. Blocks to construct the foundations only to determine the total load of the house, because the strength is limited.

We also offer exponent strip foundation – decorative concrete blocks.