Assembling and installations

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OUR OWN PRODUCING: "We produce non-standard wooden structures and stand-alone houses, prefabricated houses, special designed windows and doors, winter gardens, oversized glazed walls and facades, additions and other products from wood, glass, natural stone and metal."

We will provide timber and glass construction design, manufacturing and installation which meets the client’s needs, laws, regulations and technical requirements and is delivered on a high quality that creates anglass construction design, manufacturing and installation, technical requirement image of a competitive and long-term earning of the company.

We carry out assembly work of any complexity as well as a full range of construction-assembly works. We use only highest quality materials. Our professionals undertake the work at the aranged time for the facilities exploitation.


Timber house assembly

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Timber house assembly consists of walls, windows, doors, roof and floor construction, mezzanine construction, ceiling boards and floor boards. These mounting costs for all standard projects are calculated and known. Individual order assembly costs are calculated in a short period of time.

In individual additions the construction and installation costs are calculated individually according to the customer’s wishes and requirements. Glass&Wood specialists draw up a tender-estimates for:

  • Roofs (customer’s choice for roofing, asphalt shingles, metal roof, ceramic tile roof or other roof types);
  • Wooden part treatments (linseed oil, wood stains and other solutions);
  • Sanitary facilities;
  • Wiring and installations;
  • Heating systems;
  • Sauna rooms (stoves, sauna rooms, finishes, etc.).


We offer the following services for carpentry:

  • Lock replacement, repair;
  • Parquet decking;
  • Laying linoleum;
  • Furniture assembly;
  • Furniture repair;
  • Laying laminate;
  • Gypsum board installation;
  • Door installation;
  • Furniture stripping;
  • Cornice stonework.

Assembly of roof

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We work with different kinds of surfaces and slopes of the roof construction, installation, assembly, reconstruction. We work with different types of metal profiles and PVC membranes and other materials. Drain system installation, skylight incorporation of the ventilation outlet installation, incorporation of metal and regular chimneys. Survey, advise, prepare cost estimates for the work to be undertaken. We operate throughout the Latvian territory and beyond.

Glass maintainance

Glass Maintainence

Being highly linked with glass, we understand how important it is to have then clean and have a crisp clear look through them. Before using our own method, we have looked through the best practices around the world. The result is a cleaning method that involves only purified water. In this way, our cleaning method eliminates the need to use different types of chemicals and detergents, making window washing and quick process environmentally friendly. When the water dries, it does not leave any stains on the surface. Using the telescopic carbon fiber masts, water is lifted up to a 20 m height. With this technology the window cleaning is surprisingly seldom – only twice a year, this way you will get crisp clear view throughout the year.