Wooden windows

Wooden windows, doors

Wooden windows are not only modern but also traditional, functional in every size, suitable for Latvian conditions and construction projects. These windows provide ventilation air spaces and create a natural and lively environment.

Windows are manufactured of pines, oaks, ash through a special processing method. It provides wood durability, longevity, but at the same time the tree retains its natural properties of the material.

The wood is still considered one of the best thermal insulation materials, which helps to prevent the creation of condensation around the window frames. Wooden windows provide warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

Thanks to the wood construction, in a constant state of air and moisture exchange, creating employment and belongings favorable microclimate. In the rooms with wooden windows much better feel young children, old-aged people, as well as all those who care about their health.

Compared to plastic and metal windows, burning, these windows do not emit dioxide and the combustion process is expected. In order to protect the windows from the rapid fire, they are treated with protective couding.

We provide you with the opportunity to choose the best window shade as well as a variety of wood. This can be done by consultation with one of our experts, or by setting up, in advance, your project window. You can also order wooden windows with glass frame. Glass frame will protect wood from external conditions.

Wooden windows with structural glazing

Wooden windows with structural glazing

New modern glass and wooden windows with structural glazing or glass overlap with children safety and intrusion technology. Such windows for buildings not only provide extra visual elegance, but also promote the buildings sound and thermal insulation. Using this technology, the facades are integrated wood & glass windows with glass overlap, glass front doors and double-glazed windows with integrated strengthening elements.

"Glass & Wood" is this new technology implementer Latvian, thanks to which the activities of this method are widely used in both commercial and individual buildings.

Structural glazing corner windows are aesthetically appealing without massive frames and wide corner window connections. Depending on the building project, such technology can be in the same plane, with the facade of the building, creating a smooth, continuous surface. Used for two or three glass packages, of which the outer cover is timber – thus protecting it from the environment and creating an elegant, continuous glass coating. The outer surface of the glass is most often tinted. Available in a wide tonal palette. Also inside this window wooden structure maintains its elegance created by no visible door mechanisms through hidden hinges. Important – these windows are of high security , because without such a sound is not possible to break open the window. Toughened packet burst shot with similar sounds and the need to break a major force. Technology provides additional security in relation to the mechanism – it is not within reach of the window outside. Elsewhere they are usually referred to as "Security windows & doors".

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Wooden exterior, interior doors

Wooden exterior doors, Structural glazing doors, wooden doors, otward opening doors, design doors

Exterior doors is a kind of front “face”, which creates the first impression of the house. We offer a wide range of wooden exterior doors construction of any type of engraved, shaped elements.

Door-bearing structure consists of a triple glued wood, manufactured in Latvian. Wood door design meets all European standards, humidity around 10%. It is possible to build door with integrated glass elements, insulated doors, wooden doors with decorative elements and also doors with glass frame. Front doors have only selective use of the insulating glass, interior doors – can be varied as needed.

Doors are airtight and moisture protected.

Together with our professionals will be able to choose the perfect door material, door color, design, shape and placement of elements, as well as the total thickness, width, height, column shape.

Structural glazing doors

Structural glazing doors

Structural glazing doors are constructed in exactly the same way as the windows. They are safe, exclusive, elegant wood, glass doors with a glass overlap which perfectly blend with the outer glass, wood facade. They are easy to open, available in the standard and non-standard sizes and a wide tonal range. In this technology, the production of door maximum dimensions are substantially higher than traditional door designs. One of the door leaf width can reach up to 2500 mm and height of 2700 mm! Windows construction use only ecologically clean, healthier and environmentally friendly materials. We Offer a variety of timber materials – pine, oak, ash and exotic trees.

But each of us want our home to be safe, comfortable and in it's original form!

This type of doors and windows is new to Latvia – we are the sole producer!