Glass roofs, sheds

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Glass elements in the roof make the house unique, give a spectacular view of the sky, as well as provide ample opportunities for the creation of the original interior. Glass roofs are also known as skylight due to the fact that it illuminates in this design space, creates a nice natural effect of intimacy, a feeling of spaciousness.

Just like a hundred years ago, a modern house must provide comfort, warmth and the sense of admire. Private homeowners increasingly choose to build houses with glass roofs, glass pyramid-type structures, as well as the glass cone, dome and tower design. Such a structure is passed through an amazing amount of natural light – they are translucent roofs, which can also be tinted in several colors. Due to construction technology, the light is spread evenly in the room and the room does not have “dark” corners.

Since the roof trusses tend to be diverse, then the skylight can be built in all sorts – arched, triangular, trapezoidal. It can be integrated into roof skylights, roof hatches, transom connect with bay window, as well as shed light on the LED luminaires.

The glass roof is made of glued timber frame that is constructed so that the system provides reliability and durability even under high wind and snow loads, the glass is protected against external chemical agents. Fastening technology ensures the protection of the environment, since they are by design – invisible to the eye. In the case of glass packages – there are many different variants. Packets can choose hardened, heat-saving, “triplex”, shaded, one, two and three-layer, as well as  roof warming option to melt the snow.

Wooden roof constructions

wooden roof, glued laminated timber, timber roof, ROOF CONSTRUCTIONS

Wooden roof constructions are the most widely distributed in small residential constructios. Unlike steel, aluminum – wooden structures during a fire resistance of collapse and deformation in better. A big plus for such roofs is their longevity, in the right circumstances and they adequately protect the wood, it last a long time, they are long-lived environmentally friendly, as well as the running costs are minimal.

Constructing wooden trusses and roofs there is a need to reckon with, that they will be treated with remedies that will protect the roof from the rapid ignition – like “RUBIO monocoat” oil finish. Wooden roofs are good for the health and aesthetic looks much better than metal, so they do not require additional decorative treatment.

Wooden girders, exposed wooden trusses

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Wooden roof trusses, which are fastened together with metal mounts – they are made from lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly building material that provides an economical solution and provides a diverse selection of shapes. Before you choose the most suitable option there is a need to assess the structure – wood beam location, roof type and slope of the budget. Due to construction technology, no joints are visible, as well as there is an option to add glazed elements.

Trusses have different construction options – building a fireresistant, decorative, prefabricated and exposed trusses, truss with high load carrying capacity, glued wood trusses, truss system, large-span truss, all kinds of rafters.

Glued laminated timber trusses have higher load carrying capacity and can be used as decorations – exposed structural elements. Glued wood truss components used mezzanine and roof, with increased span construction.