Glazed facades

Glazing facade, glazed facade, glass walls

Nowadays structural glazing – a glass wall – is one of the most common ways of building different constructions – it brings elegance to the building. Structural glazing increases sound isolation whilst having the ability to combine stone, metal & glass together. Our company pioneered this approach in the latvian market, but we not only use it on industrial constructions but also for individual manors.

We offer structural glazing, glazed facades , glass walls, glass wall systems, and sliding glass walls, glazes terraces, roof glazing, and other varying degree of complexity glass structures.

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Modern glass and wood structures, which provide unlimited opportunities to create for themselves are safe, harmonious and authentic living spaces. Natural materials fill the room with positive energy, light and cozy warmth. We offer actual solutions including web design non-standard facade windows, doors, facade elements. Build your dream house!

Facade, facade systems, sliding glass walls

sliding doors, wood facade, facade, sliding glass walls, facade systems

If your house construction is almost complete, it is time to consider setting up a facade. Facade – it is the external part of any of the building walls. We build all types of wood and glazed facades – from simple and ending with complex structures.

The glass facade is the continuous, economical, visually appealing option. These fronts have a big plus – show the scenery, but not increased the cost of house insulation. It should be noted that glass is resistant to natural external factors, as a result, it does not require additional maintenance. Crestings – protruding parts of windows are raised outside the walls. Bay windows are now the modern method of increasing the area of the room.

Weather conditions in Latvia are suitable for wooden facades, as they are ecological, natural-looking, wood breathes and are available in a wide choice of trim colors. Our company uses the most advanced technologies and materials to ensure the highest quality.

To construct an entrance one can use sliding glass doors, sliding walls, wooden doors, etc. Sliding doors and walls give the opportunity to enjoy the magic of nature, as well as the opportunity to fully open terraces and verandas corners or part. Sliding door system has several types, so will offer both cold and warm design.