Joinery, carpentry

JOINERY, wooden doors, stairs

We offer special design non-standard joinery products such as wooden staircases with glass elements built-in, glass front doors, non-standard doors with a high degree of sound insulation, specially designed windows, and wooden wall panels.

Our company "Glass & Wood" offers original and exclusive interior fitting solutions. We can use our experience and influenced in design to suggest the best fitting carpentry solutions to your space of living. Quite often we create to our clients unique furniture, garden furniture or built-in furniture for a specific room. In addition, we create practical or decorative wood, glass, metal combined with environmental objects that are spectacular or facilitate the client’s daily life .

We are ready to create for a client living space, according to his tastes and habits and we make all kinds of wooden works of environmental improvement. We can produce and install a non-standard windows and doors, partitions of different complexity and design stairs, craft and set-up indoor floors, including parquet.

“Glass & Wood” of architects and designers ideas materialize by highly skilled craftsmen working in our Riga and Jurmala carpentry workshops. We guarantee the quality of the work throughout the process starting from a sketch to a finished product .

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Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs – it is a sophisticated design, which requires the construction with professional knowledge, skills and work experience. Our company has ten years of experience in the construction of such structures. That is why we can guarantee a professional job, high quality – design in the smallest detail.

The company “Glass & Wood” offers several varieties of high-quality wood stairs, which naturally fit into your home décor and will create a feeling of nobility and elegance. We manufacture:

  • Spiral staircases;
  • Modular;
  • Engraved, cut;
  • Butterfly (the specific steps for each leg);
  • Stairs by special order.

Staircase design and material are the first two things that are overlooked, seeing a wooden staircase with decorative elements. Wooden stairs in the middle of contemporary builders is the most popular choice – it is an ecologically clean material, warm, and has a wide range of design elements. Wooden stairs are easy to treat, they are traditional and simply beautiful.

The main requirements for these stairs – comfort, safety, aesthetics.

Wooden ladders, if properly cared for, last a long time.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture not only provides comfort and naturalness, but also friendly, diversely, aesthetically attractive and easy to update. Furniture production uses both solid wood and glued, treated with protective agents. Material is protected with a wide-tone design elements of choice. We produce furniture for indoor, outdoor rooms, nurseries, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, etc.

We use only high quality wood – oak, pine, maple, alder, spruce, larch. We produce furniture according to your sketches.

Wooden beds for children

Wooden beds for children

We all know how big role in a child’s life is a crib. How to choose a safe bed in a favorable price?

Ever since ancient times, one of the most popular have been the wooden beds and cribs. The most popular option is pine beds, because they have a relatively small price, they are durable, beautiful and fit into the room interior.

We produce all kinds of wooden beds for kids and adults.

Beds are treated with organic, natural, high-quality oil, which offer a very wide range of tone choices. Tones can be viewed here:

Thanks to the wide choice of colors, wooden children’s room furniture can be in the most  gorgeous range of colors, but at the same time be beneficial to health, and economically viable. If treatment must be repeated, the tone remains the same.

Oil is ideal for a variety of wooden surfaces – floors, tables, chairs, bar counters, also subject to heavy mechanical loads – in restaurants, railway stations, shops, party spaces, children’s playgrounds, children’s furniture and all wood products. More information about the oil can be found here:

A certificate stating that the oil is suitable for toys here: Toy

  • 392-2014-00047901_RMC Hybrid Wood Protector_EN71-3
  • 392-2014-00047902_RMC Oil Plus 2C_EN71-3
  • EN 71-3 Migration of certain metals – Testrapport Saturabois
  • RMC_Report_EN 71-3_RMC Oil Plus 2C_11-009536-06

Wooden decorative panels, fronts

Wooden decorative panels

Decorative panels, carved wooden panels and small delicate parts give endless possibilities to create your own original house that is different from other buildings. Stave elements were an integral part of the house.

Cut, carve wood elements animate the monotonous facades like embroidery on a white cloth. Usually wooden elements begin to build from the bottom up to be finishing up around windows, doors, roof and smooth. For the doors a popular option is the walk-through box with carved elements. Carving decorations convert wood panels as works of art. Theme selection is extensive, and you can take in creating this theme.

We usually pay the most attention to the front and roof elements– they can be located on the roof of a rooster, a horse head, stylized floral elements, etc.

Independent of any design choose, we will find a suitable solution for the construction element. The most popular are round, square, rectangular panels in a variety of sizes. Frequently are used geometric shapes, but rarely – floral design, wildlife motifs.

Wooden decorative elements

Wooden decorative elements

Since ancient times, man has sought the environment around him in order to create it beautiful, to feel comfortable and at home. Since wood is the most affordable, easily processable material, over time it became the most popular treatment. Wood decor is the traditional home jewelry.

We produce wood moldings, door trims, all kinds of curbs and edges, oak and beech cornices, as well as special order. Moldings can be matched to customer needs, creating new designs, as well as creatively combining decorative elements with furniture.