Wooden decorative panels, fronts

Wooden decorative panels design

Decorative panels, carved wooden panels and small delicate parts give endless possibilities to create your own original house that is different from other buildings. Stave elements were an integral part of the house.

Cut, carve wood elements animate the monotonous facades like embroidery on a white cloth. Usually wooden elements begin to build from the bottom up to be finishing up around windows, doors, roof and smooth. For the doors a popular option is the walk-through box with carved elements. Carving decorations convert wood panels as works of art. Theme selection is extensive, and you can take in creating this theme.

We usually pay the most attention to the front and roof elements– they can be located on the roof of a rooster, a horse head, stylized floral elements, etc.

Independent of any design choose, we will find a suitable solution for the construction element. The most popular are round, square, rectangular panels in a variety of sizes. Frequently are used geometric shapes, but rarely – floral design, wildlife motifs.