Arbours, pergolas, gazebos

Arbours, pergolas, gazebos

A gazebo is considered as an essential element for any house owner regardless whether it is built for a summer house or a large manor. The possibility to enjoy social gatherings on a lovely summer evening, experiencing the peace and the surrounding floral fragrance is enough of a reason to consider arbour as an option for your land.

Arbours can be set up in many different designs and underlying constrictions. They are so universal buildings that they will fit for all tastes and for any purpose. They organically fit on any land and harmonise with other buildings on the land. Arbor holder can use it for garden picnics, social gathering, and family idyll creation.

We offer arbour design, construction, raw material manufacturing, and installation. Arbours can be built with different roofing’s: reed roofs, shingle roofs, tile roofs, green roofs or thatched roofs.

Pergolas are garden structures gazebos, which walls are set like a ladder frame for creepers or other plants.

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